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During the five weeks from November 13 to December 20, we at The New Inquiry are doing something we almost never do: asking you, our beloved readers, for money.

$2, to be exact. Here’s why:

Launched in February 2012, The New Inquiry Magazine provides a high-quality digital product offered for only $2 a month. This model has made it possible for TNI to build a base of support from young and often precariously employed readers, with 39% of subscribers earning under $25,000 a year and 65% under the age of 30.

While all of TNI’s content is eventually made available to readers for free and under a Creative Commons license, The New Inquiry Magazine subscribers receive content first, in thematic illustrated digital editions, readable on desktop and portable tablets. Thanks to our early subscribers, we’ve been able to keep TNI online as an reader-supported magazine and stand as one of the few independent journals to pay writers for their work.

But we’re just getting started. In order to diversify our output and continue to compensate contributors, we have set a goal to convert our remaining unsubscribed readers to supporters by the end of 2012.

So if you read the New Inquiry and like what we do, consider throwing us $2 for a subscription and help us keep this thing going: thenewinquiry.com/publications/magazines/subscribe/

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