Another sample of DJ Led Worship at Harvest City Church, Vancouver, BC. **Best part is the 2nd song (3:20)** -
My apologies on the sound quality and I was singing quite sick lol! or become a fan at

Each time I lead worship in this fashion I learn so much! This time I learned that shared monitors are not a good idea and that when everything is pumping its hard to hear. Secondly, I must figure a way to send the voice back into the DJ Mixer so I can hear it in my earphones while still mixing the track! hmmm I don't know. Anyways! God Bless and until next time!

For those who are unfamiliar with DJ Led Worship: The process is simple, worship click tracks are made in studio then broken down into sample sections or mixes. These sections can be looped and mixed into a live worship scenario with the DJ leading the worship team the other musicians take a supporting role. The DJ may choose to use Ableton Live, DJ Software, or CDJ's with cue banks. This is different from the contemporary Church model where the DJ is only supporting the worship team by scratching or adding Sound FX. Various types of DJ Led Worship can be found throughout North America. For more info, visit

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