Credit List

Shot 1, 2, 3 “Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)”
Software Used- Maya

Roll Played:
1. Modelled and placed Houses and market in castle for the living environment.
2. Modelled bell, broken bell and Jack’s farm environment

Shot 4, 5, 6, “In Time (2011)” (Arm Clock):
Software Used- Maya, PFtrack

Roll Played:
I tracked a 3D skin mesh with clock onto the arm.

Shot 7 “Beet Party (2012/2013)”:
Software Used: Maya

Roll Played:
I Animated characters for multiple scenes in this fun filled child series called Beets Party.

Shot 8 (Spider Tank):
Software Used: Maya, Mudbox, Nuke

Roll Played:
Rigging, Texturing, Lighting

Shot 9 “How Machines Work” (Carousel):
Software Used: Maya, Combustion

Roll Played:
I modeled this carousel in Maya. Textures were already created, I applied them and rendered out the layers. I then plugged the renders into Combustion. A template file was already made so all I had to do was tweak aspects of the file.

Shot 10 (Cell Phone Add):
Software Used- Illustrator, After Effects

Roll Played:
I created this independently. I designed everything in illustrator, and composited it together in After Effects using the wonderful world of Z space.

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