This is an edited version of the video component of what I presented at the group show Hambre '09, Madrid.

Atocha 24 is the address of the 1500m2 building we were given to exhibit in, an old art deco market in the heart of the city, soon to be torn down. I chose to insert digital forms inspired by elements of the building and exhibit the result.

I took footage of the site without a tripod or image stabilisation on a Canon HF10 in Shutter priority mode (TV 50) with a WD-H37C wide angle lens. I later match-moved it using PFHoe for Linux. Using Blender 2.49 for Linux I created the sculptural elements, cleaned up the camera track, added masks and composited them into the video using Blender's own VSE.

The video was presented on a small 10" screen inserted into the small cavity appearing at the start of the video.

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