A full lenght lecture by Jessica Hische recorded at We Love Graphic Design 2012 in Copenhagen - a celebration of the wonderful world of graphic design in the shape of a one day seminar featuring lectures from some of the most important, inspirational and insanely creative graphic designers right now.

The very talented Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and self-described “avid internetter” with an unique eye and approach to her work.
Jessica has become as well known for her side projects as she has for her client work. While she doesn’t consider herself a web designer, many of her personal projects are web-centric. She’s created several educational micro-sites each as entertaining as they are helpful. She coined the term “procrastiworking” to describe her tendency to procrastinate on client work by working on personal projects.

For more info visit welovegraphicdesign.dk and jessicahische.is

Presented by HK Grafisk Kommunikation, Visuelt Forum (DJ) and LYNfabrikken.

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