Nuffield’s ambition is to reinvent the future of healthcare – making it better by combining prevention with assessment and treatment.

Building on 50 years of experience running private hospitals, Nuffield acquired a network of 64 gyms, instantly creating a virtuous circle of exercise and more traditional healthcare. Innovative medical offers – like gym-based screening – help to complete this holistic approach.

Our role was to reconcile the very different mind-sets behind going to a gym and going to a hospital into one compelling offer.

We started by strengthening Nuffield’s brand to give it greater impact but recognised that we had to go further.

Our brand concept placed Nuffield’s customers at the heart of a joined-up world. We made it visible by combining a dynamic ellipse with strong messages and imagery that viewed the world through a customer’s eyes.

Ultimately, our approach was all about making benefits clear, relevant and personal. By doing that we’ve helped Nuffield show what their vision of ‘healthcare as it should be’ really means.

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