Many people want to make movies, or short films. Some people have ideas for such projects, but typically these "ideas" are little more than a basic premise, or an image, or a character. There's no story, no backbone to the project, nothing to actually film or make or do.

As someone with a certain amount of skill in video production and editing, I am regularly being asked to work on projects just like this: there's an idea, but no script, no plan of attack, nothing to go on. It's just assumed that since I'm the one with the video skills and abilities, I'll be the one to make it all happen.

This is why I made this little film: to show people that the creative process is more than having an idea, it is an actual process, where a human being sits in a seat and puts words to paper, and then works to turn those words into something visual.

Creativity is work, and it's hard, and that's what I hope this video conveys to viewers.

The film written during the two days shown in the film is titled "Other Times" and is currently waiting to be put into production.

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