Is Powdersurfing the future? I think that powdersurfing itself has a very bright
future, but by no means do I think that it will ever replace snowboarding. While
they both involve sliding on the snow, they are two different animals on very
different scales. Snowboarding with bindings allows riders to conquer the most
insane terrain on the planet, send huge acrobatic airs, and allows all types of
people to ride in all types of conditions. Powsurfing is very young and we have
only begun to realize the possibilities. As powdersurfing relates to snowboarding,
there is a lot to be considered. What was small becomes big, what was mellow becomes
intense, and a whole new relationship forms between judgment, foresight, execution,
and success. The rider is forced to elevate their perception, assessment, and
execution to achieve what he or she could have done on a snowboard without even
thinking. Powsurfing is an extension of everything you’ve learned over the years
while snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing. A familiar skill in familiar
terrain, but now the training wheels have been removed and it's a whole new game.

I think that powsurfing is a complement to snowboarding, not a competitor. What
better way to refine your balance and truly achieve the surf style and skate style
that is so sought after in snowboarding? Being binding-free opens up entirely new
avenues for progression that had never been explored in the past 40 years of
snowboarding. Spinning and flipping the board, popping an ollie, turning tighter
than ever before…even just cruising powder will give you a feeling of freedom that
is unbeatable. Every person I know that has taken a run on one of my powsurfers has
been instantly hooked. From people with no snowboarding background to people with
decades of experience riding moutnains. They all come away with a shit eating grin
and that familiar feeling of being a little kid who just discovered the greatest
thing on earth.

-Jeremy Jensen

Here is a good video to show:

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