A short documentary 1% narative & 99 % non narrative film that tells about some university students who went through a period of PPMD integrative KKNM Unpad. It set in Desa Tanjungbarang Kecamatan Cikatomas Kabupaten Tasikmalaya for a month during July-August 2012. This film is divided in some parts. Each part begins with some prologues that tell about the story happening in each week. There were so many memories came to pass. Happiness, sadness, joy, ups and downs followed this precious journey. Not only experience and knowledge we can get but also the importance of friendship, brotherhood and family.
Maybe, it's not easy for everyone to be united, but I wasn't for us. The first time we met, we didn't know each other. With a "process" we can be this close. From the time we open our eyes until we do the rest of each day, we always be together. The difference is not a problem, it just united us. Various faculties make us learn what friendship is. The things we shared. The funny things we did. The jokes we made. Those just make a beautiful story in the end.
And maybe, we don't know how to come together again. Though, we do know that this KKN isn't meant to recur, but to be always remembered till the rest of our lives.
Our praise and gratitude prayed to Allah SWT that has arrange a meeting for us in this KKNM, even if it just last for a month, it lasted forever in our heart.
Desa Tanjungbarang located in south of Tasikmalaya, at kecamatan cikatomas. This village divided in 4 small backwoods called 'dusun'
2.Dusun Kadu
3.Dusun Palawija
4.Dusun Lengkong Barang
Natural resources that can be found in this village are agriculture, fishery, and Animal Husbandry. It also begins to look for gold minning by the inhabitant with endorsement from government of Tasikmalaya.

credits :
Directed and filmed by: Laksono M Reza
Producered by : M Adi Firmansyah
thanks english description in youtube by: Ghina Balqis

samsung galaxy tab
canon 1100 D
nikon D200

Music by
4 area C -Mengenang cinta pertama
muhammad rizky nurhuda - My dreams
BGM Ragnarok Online - One Steps Closer
Rocket rckers - Better seasons
X-ray Dogs - Earth's serenade
Nikka Costa - First Love
BGM ragnarok online - Theme Of prontera
enjoy this film

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