Born June 25, 1936 in Nassau, Kendal Hanna is a painter and a sculptor known as one of the Bahamas' first abstract expressionists. During his twenties, Hanna was diagnosed with schizophrenia and prescribed an electric shock therapy course of four treatments per week for an unknown period of time. Upon his release two years later, Hanna used art to recover his motor capabilities and mental acuity. Now 75, Hanna has become one of the Bahamas' most celebrated artists, prolifically releasing work described as "carefully considered and contemplated, provocative and masterful." In BRIGIDY BRAM, Hanna reveals his inner and outer realities through his artworks, memories and humor.

The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas celebrated Kendal Hanna with a retrospective exhibition of his art on his 75th birthday. Board chair D. Gail Saunders wrote in the foreword to the catalog: "Kendal's life was a struggle, but in spite of the numerous difficulties and hurdles, he persisted with his art and endured. His art, which is usually described as abstract, is not understood by everyone. But many have come to love his work and have grown to recognize and connect with the passion he expresses in his paintings and sculpture.....A modest giant, Kendal Hanna today is counted among the leading Bahamian artists of our time."

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