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Rudy's Poem:
Superman-- The Man of steel, Big Blue, The last son of Krypton
He is faster than a speeding bullet
Stronger than a locomotive
He has Lasers for eyes, X-ray vision
And can fly without even flapping his arms
But his most notable power... was Lois Lane
The love of an amazing woman is a phone booth
That can turn a man from a spineless news reporter into a symbol of justice
Into the reason why its safe to walk outside while the sun is sleeping
I'll be honest, I don't have a cape... or a costume
I wasn't born on Krypton and its been a really long time since I've been in a fight
But I will fight gravity for you
When you're upset and don't feel like talking I will use my x-ray vision to look inside of you and find out what's wrong
If you need me to I'll use my superhuman strength and put your entire world on my shoulders
If you let me I will do my best to be superman for you...
Because you deserve it.


Direction & Choreography
Keone Madrid

Rudy Francisco

Pat Cruz
Jason Patio
Vinh Nguyen
Chris Martin
Keone Madrid

Jeremy Fabunan
Eugene 'X' Ramos

Jeremy Fabunan

Jermaine Jackson
Seth Aguilar

Moniker Warehouse
Torrey Villas Resort Apartments

Robin Thicke " Superman"

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