Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Series Episode No. 1009.
In studio guests The Skyland Roller Girls from Warren County NJ with music from The Rockids, Plainfield Slim, Gar Francis and The Doughboys. Plus Bongo Boy Goes Wild with Wild Adventurez Host Mitchy B plus music videos from Indie Bands brought to you from around the Globe completes this fun entertaining and energetic TV show hosted by our own unique and really funny Wayne Olivieri.

In this TV episode host Wayne brings to you the Skyland Roller Girls; as they are looking for a new location to roll and play and new members. You will learn the ins and outs of RollerDerby with a little bit of history and explainations about the sports of RollerDerby.
Our segment “Bongo Boy Goes Wild” with Mitchy B. Wild Adventurez teaches you all about the snakes and other interesting and quit cute animals. "Indie Band Brought To You From Around The Globe" gives indie bands the opportunity to showcase their best music video. We received many submissions with great assistance of Deuce Mgmt & Promotions, as they did a shout out for Bongo Boy TV to find the best music video for this production back in September. This month selected artist is Chris Pope with a new single called "Mutiny On The Thames" from the UK.This first taste of Chris Pope’s forthcoming album Peace Of Mind is in the shape of "Mutiny On The Thames
Chris has not only been a (hard) working musician since the late 1970s, he’s also a very talented songwriter as well. He was responsible for writing timeless anthems such as Maybe Tomorrow, Brave New World among others with The Chords as well as the critically acclaimed Pope albums Grace Of God and Tall Tales And Cheap Thrills. Artist
Deuce Management & Promotion offers bands and artists from across the globe worldwide exposure. Further information can be found at and or you can email Rob Saunders at with a link to your music for a FREE evaluation.
TV Host - Wayne Olivieri
Lighting/Stage Manager - Tod Olivieri
Wardrobe/Makeup - Johanna Van Der Heyden
Producers Gar Francis and Monique Grimme
More info:
Email us at: or

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