Timelapse Videos Photographed by Anurag Jetly, Timelapse slider manufactured by Nakul Sood and Embrace Video embracevideo.com

Perhaps it was a fated coincidence - I was in Amritsar, on a cycle rickshaw, just returning from the Golden Temple in the morning when Anurag called me to find out about my products, he asked me about the regular sliders and if I had thought about making a timelapse slider. The coincidence was that I had mechanized a version of the slider and was in Amritsar to discuss motorizing it with another friend, Rishiraj from Harisons, (who make equipment for still photography). He told me that he was planning a trip to the mountains to shoot panoramas and would like to carry the slider if it was ready in time.

About the third time we spoke about it, without having met him, I asked him if I could accompany him on the trip as I was desperate to travel away from Delhi and my daily grind. He acquiesced with a great generosity - one that he has continued to show me in all spheres of our interaction.

What ensued was an adventure and a journey out of my ordinary. I had always wanted to visit the higher Himalayas and valleys in Spiti, and here was an opportunity I am so thankful for. It was perhaps how all journeys are when one is really seeking something – unique. Three of us Anurag, Daju, Anurag’s long time hiking and spiritual guide, and I, piled into a Wagon R that was stuffed full of equipment with just enough for 3 people to sit in and we made our way From Shimla, along the Sutluj and into Spiti Valley. The journey was punctuated by leaning out of the window and 1-2 minute stops to take pictures, the scale and wonder of our surroundings was simply breathtaking and visually things happened there that locals said they had not seen in their many years there.

For all the experience that we’ll carry back with us, the four that are easy to mention were having to drive to Manali 110 Kms in first gear as the low clearance of the wagon R damaged the gearbox on a set of protruding rocks, sliding our way down Rohtang pass in what’s referred to as world famous keechad, spending one absolutely magical sunset above Spiti valley where the gods gave us a display of light colour and drama that was unimaginable and having laughs with a friend Chinmay, who at 25 has partially renounced the regular world to look after 8 children in Kibber, where he wants to open a school that produces artists and not doctors and engineers.

These timelapses were part of a learning curve, and hopefully we and a group of friends can create a body of work that covers all of India in timelapse and high speed photography. God willing!

A very special thank you to Anil, who is an entrepreneur who makes stepper motor drivers, and a wiz at combining mechanical and electronic ideas together. A lot of things have to come together at the same time for it all to work, time space and effort.

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