The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta are in Perth, along with the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, this week for AUSMIN talks.

We don't often get VIP's of this statue in Perth and I happened to catch the motorcades travelling down St Georges Terrace in the city this morning and video'd it on my iPhone.

The WA Police had previously stated that there would be no roadblocks during the visit and they were, in a fashion, true to their word. However, the way the enabled a free run up one of the busiest roads in the Perth CBD towards the AUSMIN venue at Kings Park was interesting. Basically, a motorbike policeman (or policewoman, I did spot a pigtail or 2) was stationed at each intersection and 2-3 minutes before the motorcade arrived, the traffic lights stayed green, turning traffic was stopped and a 'clear zone' was created for the motorcade to travel in.

Here's the 2nd motorcade, perhaps 10 minutes after the first one. I felt sorry for the pedestrians who were not allowed to cross the Terrace for probably 20 mins or so.

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