This is the fifth time I have worked with Bamboo (after two other music videos and two electronic press kits). During the shoot of the second EPK, Bamboo goes up to me and says, "Marie, for this video, I want you to make another narrative. We don't need to see the band this time. We just need to appear in the background somewhere." So that's what I did.

I have wanted to merge comic books and music videos for a while now and this is my attempt to do so. I also wanted to make a silent short film-slash-mood piece. I was watching a lot of "Spaced" at the time, so I guess my main influence for Nick's character is Tim Bisley (Thank you, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg).

I wrote the characters with the actors already in mind. For those who don't already know, I previously worked with Nick Padilla on the Urbandub "First of Summer" and "Endless, A Silent Whisper" music videos a few years ago. I previously worked with Teresa Herrera in Project Runway Philippines (Season 1), and Isobel Garceau (my one and only niece) in the Orange and Lemons "Ang Katulad Mong Walang Katulad" video.

The amazing artwork is by Andrew Drilon. We met over coffee and talked about Adrian Tomine and Chris Ware. The story of the comic, "Memorial," is all his. Strangely enough, he was working on the comic independently of our shoot and he never saw my shotlist, and yet, when we were editing the video, his shots and my shots merged seamlessly. It gave me goosebumps. You can find his beautiful comic published on Top Shelf here:

Please enjoy!


Official music video for Bamboo's "Muli." This is off the "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday" album, Polyeast Records.

Teresa Herrera
Nick Padilla

Also Starring:
James Stacy
Isobel Jamora-Garceau

Directed by Marie Jamora
Produced by Brainchild Creatives

Directors of Photography: Lyle Sacris & Pong Ignacio
Assistant Director: Earl Ignacio
Production Design: Trinka Lat
Styling: Mara Reyes
Make-up: Xeng Zulueta
Production Manager: Erik Malaya
Assistant Producer: Harold Soon

Art by Andrew Drilon
Edited by Chuck Gutierrez & Marie Jamora
Color Correction & After Effects: Bernard Dacanay

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