This is the first score that I’ve been commissioned to write for the current advert series Oxfam see for yourself. I was asked to write three cues for the contrasting sections of this TV commercial:

The first cue was composed to highlight the desperate situation of Esther and her family as they struggle to survive in terribly deprived conditions. Here I used synth textures combined with hammond organ, which provides the harmonic bed. I then applied distressing techniques including downsampling and distortion effects to parts of synth track and finally added a subtle slowed down field recording to add a touch depth to the texture. The overall effect of this cue is one of agitation and discomfort, which I think provides an audio analogue to the suffering and pain we see caused by living without food and clean water.

The second cue creates an uplifting mood to accompany shots of the Oxfam funded projects, where we see irrigation and the amazing effect this has on crops grown in the area. Here I’ve focused on a simple ascending string arrangement accompanied by drum kit and electric bass, using the wonderful crisp crash cymbals and tom fills to drive the composition along.

For the last cue I was asked to write something that was touching and expressed the human suffering experienced by families starving in Africa. I chose to focus on the voice, recording a simple hummed melody accompanied by solo piano. Somehow it reminded me of a hymn, which hit the right emotional resonance for the touching ending sequence.

The film was created by award winning digital production company Duck Rabbit

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