Mung: Incremental Recursion of 樂夢 (RockMong) by aRing

This is a female Korean sound artist aRing's 4th Sound Diary Project Work. "Total Sound Art Theater" is a format that she describes her inner voices with various types of artistic expressions (e.g., texts, video, organized sounds, acting, singing, performing, and so on...) in a live performance theater. As the project's title describes, this theatrical work is an incremental recursion of RockMong (her previous work). This 70 minutes production combined the digital music technology with live classic performers, lights, contemporary dance, and moving images. The showreel represents selective clips from the live performance on Nov. 3rd & 4th of 2010 @ Mapo Art Center in Seoul Korea.

All texts, videos, songs and sounds were created by aRing. Theatrical production designed and produced together with several Korean artist collaborators (credits are noted at the end of the video).

*Note: Mung (computer term), the act of making several incremental changes to an item that combine to destroy it. Recursively defined as "Mung until no good."

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