Bali is sooo touristic, NO? With my friend Eric Lofting -a retired ABC Australia cameraman-, we rode to the lonely beach of Sanur in Bali. There was no single tourist there, only locals do they daily stuffs, at least at that moment. The beach has a nice softy black sand, and hot too. The sand plays with eyes, since it reflects the sunlight. It looks like a thousand diamonds in the sand. If you know what i mean. No? see it yourself :)

Anyway, it was a beauty moment for me, to see the beach, sand and the people there. I captured it via my video: Somewhere in Sanur Bali, There is a pice of peace. Really, i didn't know the exact name of the location. But surely, it's a sort place that will give you an inner peace.

Thanks to Eric Lofting, for the tips.
I use a music from artist Jalan Jalan, Album: Bali Dua, Song: Wari
I mixed the music a bit, so it can match the video.

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