Our Guests
We wanted to create an intimate and personal environment
for our guests, allowing each person an opportunity to get
to know the very special Dr. E.O. Wilson. We were
fortunate to have a variety of backgrounds in attendance
including: beekeepers, ranchers, foundation directors,
doctors, lawyers, students, corporate representatives and
interested individuals. The diversity of the group led to
spirited discussion and fantastic conversation.
Pollinator Partnership Executive Director, Laurie Adams set
the stage with Dr. Wilson by asking for his perspective on
the critical environmental issues of our day. Chairman
Roger Lang, entrepreneur and rancher, concluded the
evening with a thank you to Paul Growald, Pollinator
Partnership Founder, and a call to action for the group to
be involved at whatever level they can, but to be involved.
The entire evening was filmed by award winning film
producer, Scott Pardo.
Pollinator Friendly Gourmet Dinner
Chefs Didier Montarou and Josean Rosado prepared a
scrumptious “pollinator friendly” meal for us including:
prosciutto and cherry tomato tarts, pumpkin soup
shooters, seared beef tenderloin with blackberries, and a
honey crème brulee.

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