With Epicom’s QuickBooks Plugin for SugarCRM, you can view account payment status, payment terms, days aging, account balance, and other QuickBooks information inside of Sugar. Users can also sync and create new Accounts, Product catalog items, and invoices between Sugar and QuickBooks.
Our plugin is the only Intuit certified plugin for SugarCRM. Because our plugin was built using QuickBooks cloud services, it is upgrade safe, works with all versions of QuickBooks, and is easy to install and configure. Our install wizard will take you step by step through the configuration process, so that you can easily customize how you want your Sugar and QuickBooks to sync.
Features include:
Synchronization and creation of new records between QuickBooks Item Lists and Sugar’s Product Catalog
Synchronization and creation of new records between Sugar Accounts and QuickBooks Customers.
Sync and update Account name, email, phone number, and address information between Sugar and QuickBooks.
Creation of Invoices automatically from “Closed Accepted” Quotes in Sugar.
Free report that shows all Accounts with outstanding balances (Only available for licensed versions of SugarCRM).
Our plugin includes free bug fixes and product upgrades as we release new features. The plugin is available in low monthly payments and users can choose to opt out at any time. We also have a 30 day free trial so that you can try before you buy.

Click here to signup and download the plugin: epicom.com/product_catalog/quickbooks-plugin

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