Corporate Aim:
Develop, Exploit and Commercialise the Kenilworth mineral exploration tenements, EL 7807, EL 7808 & EL 7809,
for their precious and base mineral potential

Work closely with our Exploration Management Services partner Thomson Resources Ltd. utilising their considerable geological experience and mineral exploration management skills to enhance the value of the Kenilworth Licenses.

Ensure an investment return from our 50/50 Joint Venture ownership agreement with Thomson Resources Ltd regarding exploration licences -
EL 6783, EL 7642 & EL 7643.

Explore in an economic, focused and expeditious manner the six tenements in which we hold an ownership interest. Utilise state of the art imaging technology to locate mineralised areas in the Kenilworth and JV Tenements and fund a drilling program on the JV tenements. Geological Experts have advised that precious and base metals are the most prospective in the geological area of both the exploration tenements 100% owned by Kenilworth Exploration and those in which we hold a 50% interest.

By employing the Thomson Management team as our lead geologists we are incorporating into Kenilworth Exploration Ltd their extensive expertise and knowledge that is invaluable to ensuring on-the-ground understanding and the most economical utilisation for our investments. We will be utilising state of the art imaging techniques to further identify and target the mineralisation within our 100% owned ELs and also partaking in the on-going drilling programme by Thomson Resources, this will ensure that in a short time frame data generated, from either or both avenues will be available to move the valuation of Kenilworth Exploration Limited in a positive direction.

Development status:
Kenilworth Exploration is a mineral exploration licence holder in the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales (N.S.W). Kenilworth has acquired a large database of drilling and core information from previous exploration by the company's founders.

Kenilworth Exploration holds 100% of three Exploration Licenses in the Byrock Region of N.S.W. The company has entered into an Exploration Management Services Agreement with Thomson Resources Ltd ( in order that the experience and expertise of the geological team at Thomson Resources can manage the exploration of Kenilworth's three granted Exploration Licenses (EL 7807, EL 7808 and EL 7809). Additionally Kenilworth Exploration has entered into a Tenement Joint Venture agreement with Thomson Resources Ltd regarding the funding and exploration on three of Thomson Resources licenses (EL 6783, EL 7642 and EL 7643) which are adjoining the three Kenilworth tenements.

The Company is working to further quantify its existing targets and delineate new ore bodies and fund its JV commitments , including a drilling program, with Thomson Resources.

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