- Were you diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer before the age of 50?
- Was anyone in your family diagnosed with colon cancer before the age of 50?
- Was anyone in your family diagnosed with uterine (endometrial) cancer before the age of 50?
- Are there cancers across several generations on one side of your family?

If you answered YES to just one of these questions, it's time to talk turkey about Lynch syndrome.

Lynch syndrome is an inherited genetic mutation, and having it increases your chance of getting colorectal cancer to 80%. Unfortunately, nearly every person living with Lynch syndrome is completely unaware of it.

Lynch syndrome also puts you at higher risk for brain, breast, kidney, melanoma, ovarian, pancreas, small bowel, stomach, or uterine/endometrial cancers. Knowledge is power and will help your medical team act more aggressively with their screening measures.

Brian Mansfield, a music critic for USA Today, didn't know he had Lynch syndrome until he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer earlier this year at the age of 48. After his diagnosis, he began talking with his family about their health history, "then the family tree lit up like a Christmas tree." Brian is chronicling his journey through a weekly USA Today online column, "My Semicolon Life."

Join national patient advocacy group Fight Colorectal Cancer as we host Brian and his doctor, Dr. Bill Harb, a colorectal surgeon at Cumberland Surgical Associates, along with Associate Director of Human Genetics at Ohio State University Heather Hampel as they tell you more about Lynch syndrome and how to dig into the medical mystery that may be lurking within your family tree. With the holidays coming up, never has there been a more appropriate time to talk turkey...and Lynch syndrome.

**Fight Colorectal Cancer thanks Can't Stomach Cancer, the Colon Club, Kidney Cancer Association, Myriad Genetics, and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance for their assistance with this webinar.**


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