What is the most exciting benefit for us in general about this predictability?

These benefits come at many different levels. First of all, you know, there are lots of societal benefits. For example: The question is not any more whether we will have another major viral breakout, like another deadly virus. The question is: When is it going to be happening, and how many people will be wiped out by that? And what we know, is that when the next deadly virus comes, we will not be able to protect ourselves biologically from it. We will not be able to do so, partly because the time it takes to develop a vaccine, or a cure, typically takes months. A virus can circle the globe within days, or weeks, at most.

So if we want to ever stop that next dangerous virus, we need to stop it in its tracks. That is, we need to catch it early and we need to stop it, that is, we need to understand exactly where it wants to be next. The human predictability offers us the tools to do so already, to a certain degree, and we need to get better and better at that. So that's one area which, you know, it may not look like a serious problem, but when it comes, it's going to be a serious problem and we better be prepared for that.

Let's look at much more daily effects: traffic patterns. Would you be able to predict where is going to be the next mess, where should you be going, and so on? It's rather predictable, the traffic patterns, let's exploit that predictability and let's exploit the question: What happens when you organize a big match somewhere, how will that actually affect much of the traffic within the city? And those aspects are very predictable.

And then let's break it down to the individual: Would I not want actually myself to know, when I'm heading to London, as I am right now, all the information that pertains to me, when it comes to London? When I know that I like contemporary art, should it not warn me that there are some really interesting exhibits of contemporary art? Why do I have to search for it, why is this information not pushed to me? This phone has been with me for years; the information collected about me really goes back many years. The phone has more information about myself than my wife will ever know about me. Why are we not using that information? Why are they not providing benefits to me?

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