Lyn was very happy during their preps at the hotel that all of her suppliers responded well. She was very excited and telling funny jokes. She shared with us that she did not expect to get married and thought she will be single forever! :) She was full of energy… there were no signs of nervousness at all! Lyn was also very happy to see her flower bouquet and her elegant gown. Up until that moment, Lyn hasn’t tried on her gown yet, because of their belief or tradition. She was a little worried that it will not fit her well.

On the other hand on the groom’s side, Dante’s behavior was opposite from his bride. He was so quiet…we guess that’s just the way he is; man of few words… plus maybe the additional tension of him getting married in a few hours! He was also quiet during their prenup pictorial. Everyone was happy seeing his suit, and it was Dante’s first time to see it as well. They all loved it!

At the chapel, Caleruega, the groom remained quiet. He was literally not speaking even though we were asking him how he was. He could not help but cry during her bride’s entrance, because of the background song “Ikaw”….For him, that song is perfect for them :)

For everybody to have an idea of their love story, here it is:
Dante arrived in Canada in November 2009 to work as a registered nurse, while Lyn has been there for most of her life. One day, Dante received an email inquiring whether he’s interested to volunteer in a Mentoring Program for internationally-educated nurses. Lyn was part of this program. Dante was paired to a Chinese nursing student, who then introduced Dante to her classmates which includes Lyn. Dante’s passion in teaching unexpectedly led him to meeting the love of his life.

The two started chatting through a social network, and eventually have gotten to know each other and also found out they were neighbors. Dante then started courting Lyn. In that same month, Dante was about to leave to have a vacation in the Philippines. Prior to that, he asked Lyn if she could join him to buy some pasulubongs for his girl cousins.

Lyn: Can I drive your car? Dante replied, Sure why not. Lyn: you’re not scared? Dante: I Trust you.

The trust with each other bound them together. The courting days was a tough one for Dante. He had to gain the trust of Lyn’s “Strict Mom”. Lyn: “wala pang lalaking nakakaapak sa pamamahay namin”. Dante took that as a challenge and asked Lyn to go out with him for one whole day; a day to smile, enjoy, and relax,…and the rest is history. ;)

Lyn was certain that they will have a wonderful wedding, and God granted it! Truly, a matrimony blessed by God! Took place at Summit Ridge Hotel, Caleruega and Josephine’s Restaurant, Tagaytay City.
By Team Freshminds

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