Crime Novels by Norwegian Authors
Jim and Pat Thyden
C912 01/04/13—01/25/13

Rather than literary analysis, this course will focus on the Norwegian people, culture, history, and nature, as
well as plot and characters. Students should read Don’t Look Back by Karim Fossum before the first class
meeting, when it will be fully discussed, including the conclusion.
What Is Mine by former Justice Minister Anne Holt, comes second, then The Fourth Man by K.O. Dahl. We
finish with The Redbreast by international bestselling author Jo Nesbo. Jim Thyden is a retired US Foreign
Service officer who was posted to Norway three times. He earned his MA degree at the UW Scandinavian
Department. Jim has taught foreign policy and Scandinavian courses for CRI and has taught and lectured
at the UW Jackson School and the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute. For CRI, he previously
presented “Crime Novels Set in Norway” by British authors and “Swedish Crime Novels.” Pat Thyden
accompanied Jim to six Foreign Service posts over 26 years and brings a woman’s perspective to the discussion
of Norway. She has also taught classes on Norway and calligraphy at CRI. 4 sessions.

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