Timelapse Photography of Bremen, Germany.

The summer past away but some moments are captured and will hopefully bring back some memories of the warm months. I'm still in love with this cute little town and the last time here was just great.

I tried to push my timelapse photography and experimented with sliders, controllers and techniques for walklapses. I also managed my first 24-hours-capture (1:34).Not perfect at all. But I'm glad it's getting better with every sequence I shoot.

--> jonasginter.de/timelapse-zeitraffer-aufnahmen-von-bremen/
Gear used:
Pentax K-5
Pentax K-7
Samyang 8mm Fisheye
Sigma 8-16mm
Pentax 16-50mm 2.8
Pentax DA35 ltd. 2.8
Pentax A 50mm 1.4
Pentax 50-135mm 2.8

DIY Igus Slider with MX2-Controller

Processing with LRTimelapse (timelapse.com/) by Gunther Wegner.

Music by Rebellenherz - "call the angles in times of unrest"
from the album "a green place in a grey world"

Special Thanks to Werder Bremen for allowing me to shoot some timelapse sequences inside the soccer stadium.

Just head over to my blog and read more stories about my photography: jonasginter.de/blog
Thanks for watching!

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