Beyond the Label: Providing Digital Information Consumers Can Trust

In today’s marketplace, tech savvy consumers are accessing an explosion of information about your products. Consumer facing applications require accurate and authentic sources of data, but unfortunately, research show that the digital information consumers receive is often inaccurate, incomplete or missing entirely. Data quality has historically been a supply chain issue, but it has quickly become a sales and marketing issue as consumer’s trust about a product, brand, or mobile phone application is tied to the information they find. Simply stated, loss of consumer trust = loss of sales.
Maintaining consumer trust is not a business-to-business issue or a supply chain issue. It is a brand issue, and it is a company-wide, industry-wide issue. Nearly 2 million companies around the world have adopted GS1 standards to identify products and to share data with their trading partners. This session explores how GS1 is working with industry to leverage those same standards to help brand owners meet consumer needs for accurate product data, retain consumer trust, protect their brands integrity, and deliver a positive consumer experience.

Bob Carpenter, President and CEO, GS1 US

Bob Fassett, Partner, Consumer Goods and Services Practice, Accenture
Tara Scarlett, Senior Manager, CRM and Precision Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

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