What an epic day on the water.

Find our first triple (peanuts) on our own somewhere out in the 20/50 area in 61 degree water.

Joined the fleet to get a single and a triple mid afternoon. By the time we got there around noon the bite had shut down so we had to troll and wait... [61.3 to 61.8 degree water]

Was going to finish with 7 then we saw a jumper 25 miles from the bay at sunset. We had already put away all the gear. MISTAKE! We then set up the jigs and got one hooked for a few minutes then came unbuttoned on a "baby poop" jig. We decided to troll 3 rods with all the bait and fish we metered. Within 5 minutes we had a double to end the day. [It was all so hectic, but I believe it was around 59.5 degrees]

Only fish we lost was a jig fish.

Glass all morning, a little sloppy around noon, then got better later to pretty much perfect conditions!

All fish caught on bright colors and a cedar way back.

And a special thanks to Hugh McCaffrey for the second to last photo with our boat, TinCan2, in the background.

At the end I forgot the music credits. I want to share the video so that will remain an error ;)

Savior by Rise Against
My Way by Limp Bizkit
Fly from the Inside by Shinedown
Back Home by Pepper

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