With increasing height the L Tower has gained more and more popularity, and the number of interesting pictures posted on the UrbanToronto construction forum is a good indication of how attractive the L Tower has become. I find it amazing how people always seem to find yet another angle, viewpoint, or different light to capture this skyscraper under construction in a beautiful and unique way. The last month has been a flurry of activity and almost like a competition on who can take the best picture. The best to me is not any individual picture, but the sum of them all and I have tried to express this thought through yet another slideshow. I hope that "stevedominick", "someMidTowner", "SkyJacked" (with some pictures not posted before), "Razz", "Jasonzed", "cityzen", and "asmegin" don't mind that I have recycled their fantastic photos in this video. On the other I do apologize if I have not included some other wonderful pictures I really liked, but which did not offer me with enough resolution to put in this 1920 pixel wide HD video.

Please allow me to add a quote of architect Daniel Libeskind, which was handed out at the topping off celebration and which makes me appreciate even more in what a wonderful city and country we live in.

"Sculptural in form, the L Tower adds a new 21st century icon to the dramatic skyline of Toronto. The building is uniquely shaped by the site and by the quality of light and atmosphere of its location. Together with the Sony Centre, the L Tower celebrates an exciting new sense of place in a diverse and vibrant urban context. "

Music by Thirteen Senses: "Into The Fire".

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