Erik Orgo (Eki) and myself have been filming together for quite some time now, around 2 years. It was due to lack of time we had that it took us this long to get the footage that we wanted for a bigger video.

This summer we had more time and we got the clips. We have only the intro now to film now. Lots of good times for sure and quite a bit of traveling around the country, which gave us the opportunity to film at different spots rather than riding the same ones.

However, not all the clips that were used for the main video and we have decided that a leftovers video should be done with the ones we aren't going to use.

Special thanks to:

- Atmosfair Clothing
- Timo Pritzel
- Alex Rims
- Stefan Anton
- Andres Vaab
- Urban Kreation


The Joker - "Soul Sound"

Hope you will enjoy this and be on the lookout for the beast video!

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