Future Sounds & Music By Mail

2009 marks 100 years from the first Manifesto of Futurism. In 2009 will be published the 100th issue of Arte Postale!, a mail art magazine that I started thirty years ago, in October 1979. What puts in relation the two events is sound: Futurist Luigi Russolo’s Manifesto The Art of Noise is a milestone in the history of the experimental and weird sounds that I have been promoting since the early Seventies in my journalistic work for a long string of publications (Rockerilla, Velvet, Vinile, Urlo, Sonora, Underground, Rumore, etc.). Music was also the theme of the first three issues of Arte Postale!, so I return to the subject in this open invite to the hundredth issue.

To participate in Arte Postale! 100 you must:

- Send a mail art work that produces futuristic sounds or music (works that do not produce actual sounds will not be accepted).

and / or

- Create an experimental musical instrument and record an original sound piece, then send the recording (on cd-r) with a photo of the instrument and/or send the instrument itself: in the summer 2009 it will be played live by the BAU Artkestra in a public performance in Viareggio, documented in the magazine.

and / or

- Send 100 copies in the size of a cd booklet (cm. 12 x 12) of an original mail art work on the theme “Future Sounds & Music”.

Deadline: 30 June 2009.The materials submitted will not be returned.
A copy of Arte Postale! 100 will be mailed free to all the participants.

Send to: Vittore Baroni, Via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy

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