Travel Costs is a series of cost guide applications debuting for the Iphone OS. Developed for travelers, by travelers.

I've been on the road now for more than 6 years, through over 50 countries, and one of the first questions people always ask me is "How were you able to afford to travel?". See, people automatically presume travelling is expensive because the average person's idea of travel is being on some island resort. Believe me when I say it hasn't all been cocktails and sunny beaches. For me, it's actually been more like boxed wine and shabby hostels. Completly understandable though for I too once thought fulfilling my dream would mean working ages before saving enough money to do so. That is, until I started doing my research. The only problem was that doing the research was a journey in itself. That's when the idea hatched for Travel Costs.

Whether you're a backpacker, student, a tourist, a migrant worker or just young at heart, Travel Costs is all the research you need for cost of living expenses.

The information used in this application combines official statistics published annually by various governments and international organizations as well as travelers, such as myself, that would then be updated on a consistent basis. We analyze the data and display the information useful to determine cost of living expenses. The advantages of the official data are that they are precise and are computed uniformly across countries.

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