How do Polar Bears fill the downtime while waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze over? They play fight. I've taken some of my favorite footage from the three days I spent along the edge of the Hudson Bay just outside Churchill in the Wapusk National Park. During our stay we were surrounded by Polar Bears as they ate kelp, lounged around in the snow, and casually enjoyed the rare opportunity to socialize.

I've wanted to see Polar Bears in the wild for a long time, so you can imagine I was incredibly excited when the opportunity presented itself to take a trip with Frontiers North Adventures out to the Tundra Buggy Lodge for three days of Polar Bear packed cold weather safari adventuring.

The best part about Churchill is that it is where a lot of the National Geographic and BBC wildlife footage is shot. So, you're literally right there watching/filming and photographing in the same spots used by some of the world's greatest nature photographers.

Footage was shot on a Canon T3i/600D with a 55-250mm lens and a 18-135 lens.

You can find photos from the trip as well as back-stories on my blog at

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