A lot of us can relate. Alyssa Caverly has a busy schedule that makes it hard to pencil in regular exercise.

“I don’t necessarily go to the gym, I don’t do classes. But I try and walk or hike and even run, so I feel like I’ve done OK and I can sort of counteract what I am eating,” says Caverly.

The issue gets weightier around the holidays.

“On Thanksgiving it’s my one-day right? You can kind of cheat,” says Caverly.

By some estimates, the average turkey dinner with all the trimmings adds up to whopping 3,000 calories for one meal. And what do many of us do afterwards? Nap.

“Laying around after eating more than ever is a sure recipe for gaining weight,” says Dean Mantion, trainer with Lee Memorial Health System.

Mantion is a fitness specialist with Lee Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness.

“There are interruptions during a holiday season, but you do need to make some effort and have some time set aside for exercising,” says Mantion.

Exercising around the holidays is all about flexibility. Finding time to get in 20 minutes here or there. Even at the mall, you can use Black Friday to your benefit.

“A lot of people go for group walks after their Thanksgiving dinner. There are also people that do a lot of walking then they’re shopping,” says Mantion.

If you’re heading out to look for sales, ‘do’ put on your sneakers. And ‘don’t’ stress the crowded parking lots.

“You have to park way further then you usually do. I feel like your walking for at least ten minutes to get into the store,” says Caverly.

Every bit counts, if you’re counting calories.

“If you have twenty minutes and a break, and another twenty minutes- you will still have health benefits,” says Mantion.

Another benefit: keeping up with fitness, will make your list of New Year’s resolutions that much lighter.

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