Course: Digital Art, Stanford University, Art & Art History Department
Instructor: Laura Splan
Student: Benjamin Halpern
Project Title: "Mona Lisa through 50 photos, e-mails, prints and scans"
Project Description: My project is a commentary on the ubiquity of famous works of art on the internet, the ease of image capturing in daily life, and the possible decay of images or media through repeated processing. The work exists as a large format print of an image that will slightly resemble the Mona Lisa, but has been stripped of most of its detail through a rigid process of digitally photographing on a smartphone an image of the painting from flickr, emailing this image back to the computer, printing the image on a laserjet printer, and finally scanning this printed image. The process was repeated 50 times. The process is shown through an animation cycling through all of the scanned files.

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