Our favorite sock puppets Kiki and Bubu have some feelings, so they sign up for an online dating site. When the People of China want to become their friend, they are excited. However, sending the People of China a video of themselves proves to be difficult: Their content gets flagged as inappropriate and taken down from YouTube.
On the long quest for knowledge which follows, Kiki and Bubu learn all about Internet censorship. And love.

Enjoy Kiki and Bubu's longest (50 minutes!) and most epic adventure!


Concept, Director: Johannes Grenzfurthner; Script: Frank Apunkt Schneider, Johannes Grenzfurther, Nathan Boyer, Roland Gratzer; Voices: David "DaddyD" Dempsey, Roland Gratzer, Jens Ohlig; Puppeteering: Roland Gratzer, Paula Pongratz; Producer: Günther Friesinger; Video and audio tech: Franz Ablinger, Daniel Fabry, Anika Kronberger, Paula Pongratz; Consultants: Evelyn Fürlinger, Nathan Boyer, Harald Homolka List; Supported by Xeni Jardin (Boing Boing), Eddie Codel, Okto TV Vienna, Wien Kultur.

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