Last weekend we got to work for a good friend of mine that I met a few years ago. I met Daniel Wilson at a wedding we were both working at and we really hit it off and became friends from that point on.

So last Saturday we headed out to Daniel's grandparents house outside of Arroyo Grande, CA. It was absolutely beautiful and they had the ceremony in the middle of a private redwood forest that his grandfather planted about 50 years ago. The lighting and the smell and entire environment was absolutely beautiful.

There was one point in the movie and at the wedding that really stuck out to me. When Laura had walked down the isle and was about to be handed off to her soon to be husband, her dad was holding her hand so tight and tears of joy were coming down his cheeks. Then there was this moment at the same point where her dad handed her off to Daniel and I could see the same tears of joy resting on his cheeks. I think this is one of those beautiful moments in a ceremony were you see just how powerful and heavy this is for a loving father to hand off his daughter to be wed. I love how both the father of the bride and Daniel shared such a strong love for Laura. Seeing her hand going from holding her fathers to Daniels was a beautiful picture of this responsibility to love and cherish her had now been entrusted to Daniel.

Things like this happen so fast and it is a blessing to witness it.

So in the end I feel the wedding went super well. We showed this movie that night and it seemed to have really great response. I very much felt the love of these two families and I was so stoked to have been able to be apart of this day.

O and we got to try out some new filming toys, so you will just have to watch to see...


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