The last job I did for XYZ Networks was part of a travel series called B430. The premise of the show was to highlight cool places around the globe for young people to have fun.
I produced the Queenstown, New Zealand leg of it which was based around all the adrenaline sports found there.
As well as our presenter doing all of the activities I was lucky enough to have a go on most of them as well, which made it one of the most fun shoots I've produced.
I also got to shoot the white water rafting and river surfing parts of the episode.
Due to the fact I produced this episode on my way to relocating my family in NZ, I did a paper edit, and sent all the material back to Sydney. Unfortunately it was out of my hands after that so there are a few decisions in the final cut that I'm not entirely happy with, however, it mostly sticks to my script.
Please excuse the quality. SD is never that great converted.

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