Who is Afrika Bambaataa?

He is: The Godfather of Hip Hop Culture. Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Freedom. Justice. Equality. Peace. Unity. Love. Respect. Work. Fun. Economics. Mathematics. Science. Facts. Faith. Life. Truth.

Reborn on Planet Earth sometime between 1957 and 1960, the man born as Kevin Donovan was just another child surviving with his family in the ghettos of America. In time, his experiments would radically change New York City. As a rebellious youth running the streets, he was a gang member and eventually a division leader of the notorious Black Spades, a crew that virtually dominated the streets of New York City. Afrika Bambaataa took his status in the Black Spades seriously and eventually decided to elevate the concept into a community organization that preached self-defence and personal empowerment.

Forming 'The Organization', which was a performing group of friends, he threw successful parties all over the city. He was christened the notorious "Master of Records” for his uncomparable collection of vinyl from every genre of music: rock, disco, funk, soul, country, and so much more. Nearly a year later, he renamed the group "The Zulu Nation", inspired by the African tribe of the same name. Shaka Zulu Kings and Queens were the b-boys and b-girls that built the legacy with Afrika Bambaataa around New York City.

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