The newest video from Lyndon, Vermont's own Electric Sorcery. A split-screen extravaganza, Three Eyes follows the boys and their adventures through the fields and forests of the NEK.
Captured on a HDGopro, a Sony Handycam HDR, and Sony Mini DV.
Filmed by Ken Hatch, Wesley Hatch, and Matt Johnson
Directed and Written by Derek Campbell
Edited and Produced by Wesley Hatch
Song by Derek Campbell & Micah Carbonneau
Derek Campbell- Vocals & Guitar
Micah Carbonneau - Drums
Luke Laplant -EWI & Baritone Saxophone
'Mystery Bass Man' - Chris Doncaster
'The Wild Things'-
Irie Campbell
Felix Campbell
Sylvia Laplant
Kaleigh Kittredge
Ariel Kittredge
RJ Kittredge
Caiden Kittredge
Wood Nymphs-
Jerrica Gaudreau
Diana Landry
'Pink Beast'-
Jeff Gaudreau
'Captive Lady'-
Nicole Archer
The Hatter-
John Fox
Natalie Cooper
Jon Kittredge
Rick Kittredge
Jennifer Gaudreau

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