I think it is the best thing on earth, a creative activity in an
natural environment wich is probably the best combo you can have!
Snowboarding is the most natural thing to do! I agree with what
Ranquet once said that if you would put up a Neanderthal man up on a
mountain peak with the snowboard and ski as the option he would
choose the snowboard!
Snowboarding is not a sport! It is much more, to who really lives it!
When you start to move in this winterwonderland you can reach a state
of mind wich is like meditation! Its not a team activity really but
its the best to share it with your friends wich creates a drive and
progression wich is only seen in sowboarding and other sideways
sports! At times it can be tough to keep that fire as pure as it was
when you start but there is so many ways to ride a board in the snow,
there is endless options!

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