Speaker: Dr James Curran (World War II and Empire)
Interviewer: Scott Cumming

Part 2
• The inter-war period and what it meant to be a dominion.
• Australia’s political stance on foreign military involvement – isolationist.
• The Singapore Strategy and Britain’s military base in Asia to protect Australia.
• The changing British Empire & the increasing independence of some dominions.
• Stanley Melbourne Bruce and Australia’s doubts for the Singapore Strategy.
• British assurances to Australia – Maurice Hankey.
• Australian political debates over defence policy.
• Robert Menzies vs Winston Churchill : Australia doubt s British assurances.
• Hitler in Paris – June 1940.
• Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour December 1941 – USA brought into the War.
• Japanese army easily sweeps down through south-east Asia.
• British response and failure of the ‘Repulse’ and ‘Prince of Wales’ warships in Asia.
• February 1942, Singapore falls and Australia’s fears of Japanese invasion are heightened.

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