The apocalypse has come and gone.
A new world will rise out of the ashes.
What will this post apocalyptic world look like?
That question still remains.....


Party with 5 interactive installations at the boilerroom of the former Philips factory premises in Eindhoven

The end of times -according to the Maya calender- is due: programmed for the 21st of December. 20 master students of the University of Technology Eindhoven redesign, exactly 1 month before the big day, the monumental boilerroom of the old Philips factory at the Strijpterrein in Eindhoven so you can get accustomed to the big disaster. In 5 stage you can not only see what will happen, you can feel and experience it. Apart from that you can enjoy the fantastic location and there's of course food and drink.

A night on the town has never been this exiting, take the chance of a sneak preview of the new world!

Video originally created as promotion for the TU/E Industrial Design Master Course "Remediating Media"
Music by: Thomas Newman - Any other

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