I made this timelapse/starlapse using my Canon 550D camera and my Tamron 18-250 telephoto lens with an F3.5, exposure 25" and interval at every 25" at ISO1600.
I know, unfortunately not the best lens option for star shots, but is the only one I have.

All shots were taken at night, mainly far from "civilization" (in a cornfield or in the woods). I have never realized how scarry it can get when one is alone in the dark, hearing various animals near to you (mostly rabbits, frogs, a mouse or a bigger bug). Sometimes I wished I did not go there alone ..., so that the hungry killer-bear would eat my buddy instead of me. :-)

In Europe, in the region of Bratislava/Vienna, you face 3 main challenges:
- trust the weather forecast and pray for no clouds
- pray for a warm night without mosquitos
- find a spot where one feels somehow "safe"

I have not done any post-processing adjustments to the photos/video itsef to enhance the visibility of the Milkyway (like most others do it) ... what you see is the real sky-field !!!

I hope you like it, CRASHneck

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