The Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Group is a community based non-profit research organization. Our mission is to promote and disseminate shark research, education and conservation to a broad local, regional and international public and scientific outreach. Collectively we bring expertise in shark biology, ecology, ethology (behavior), conservation, scientific diving, coral reefs, oceanography, marine environmental protection and coastal zone management. Our academic competency in the area of thresher shark behavior and biology, and shark cleaning mutualism is unrivalled.
Aspiring marine/shark scientists may apply to assist TSRCP in conducting fieldwork. This is a unique opportunity for individuals with a keen interest in marine/shark science to gain hands on experience in shark survey methodology, behavior, biology, ecology and conservation. Volunteer research assistants will be based on Malapascua Island and shuttled to Monad Shoal aboard a dedicated research vessel. Sea operations will run from 05:00 to 20:00 five days a week and include SCUBA survey, underwater video observation, tagging (pending funding) and photographic ID databasing. Evenings will be spent in academics, training, reviewing video observations, analyzing data for scientific paper writing, and preparing for the next day’s ops.
All volunteer research assistants will receive comprehensive hands on training in shark research methodology, marine videography and analytical approaches to behavioral science. Research assistants will also receive academics in shark biology, ecology, conservation and ethology (behavior) and will apply learned concepts to the analysis of real data that they acquire on a daily basis.
VISIT or CONTACT Simon Oliver for details.

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