In the late 50’s and early 60’s I was sexually abused by a teacher at a boys boarding school in East Sussex and by a priest at my local church.

But for over 40 years, I have kept the abuse a secret - too ashamed to tell people for fear of how they’d judge me. I knew one of my brothers had also been abused and suspected the other may have been but we have never talked about. When in 2004, I decided to confront my the past I was unprepared for the emotions it would provoke. “Breaking the Silence” follows my attempts to mend my relationships with my brothers and to confront the events of our childhood. It has not been an easy journey. As painful memories re-surface , so have old fears and resentments.

A major source of contention between us is the question of whether or not we should reveal our secret to our mother, now aged 89.

One of the hardest parts of surviving child abuse is making sense of it as an adult.

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