Road Kills and Other Casualties
At various locations throughout the city, and at different times of the year, (one morning for each season), I staged a performance. It consists of myself lying on the pavement. Sometimes very well dressed and sometimes dressed as if I am living on the street. Hiding in a car nearby, a cameraperson is filming people’s reactions to my lying down on the sidewalk. I have a hidden microphone so that the verbal interactions with pedestrians and the sound of the traffic are recorded as well.
I got a lot of attention and concern while well dressed. Sometimes more than expected! Several times the police and/or the ambulance were called without my knowledge. This led me to go to the police station after the first project in an attempt to find a solution so as to avoid taking precious time from them. The policemen I spoke to was very understanding but there was nothing I could do to stop patrols from responding to people’s calls even if they knew the specific details as to location and time of the next filming.
There was however hardly a glimpse, no reaction and no interactions when I was in the role of a homeless women.

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