"Imagine a world where clowns wear colorful fishnets, tutus and lace-up boots. You can hear the constant sound of a leather whip making contact with some poor souls tender skin. There is fog everywhere and it's lit up like the aurora borealis. Beautiful women in intricately beaded bodices and flowing skirts dance the night away to electronic music—some just sporting a modest pair of pasties.

If you are too lazy to imagine this eccentric scene, you can experience it for yourself at Bass Cabaret—a seductive burlesque show set to chest-rattling bass music. Bass Cabaret is more than just a dub step party; it's a performance. It's a great place to bring people who aren't regulars in the electronic music scene because it provides both auditory and visual stimulation. In other words, it gives people something to focus on if dub step music just isn't their thing.

Performances included a live burlesque show, a belly dancing goddess, pole dancing and story about...well, it's hard to tell what it was about, but there were cats and soul-eating involved. Other funky attractions could be seen, like a whipping station manned by clown police officers, a popcorn cart and a real live parrot decorated with flashing LED lights.

The music was fantastic and deejayed by Mr. Kitt, Johnny 5 and Nebakaneza of Irie Cartel—the founders of the Ritual dub step night at Temple Nightclub. While the next Bass Cabaret event hasn't been posted, definitely keep an eye out for it, you won't want to miss it"

(Taken from the article/review of Bass Cabaret @ MIGHTY by Jessica Graham aka Holograham)

Coda in Blue - "Who Walks In" (REMIX)

Video shot and edited by Ryan Hammer of Hammer Concepts Cinematography

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