All right friends and family, here is your chance to give your input. I have many "fans" and lovers of my beard but when it's long I also have quite a few of you who think I look like a bum. As many of you know, during 2012 I let my beard grow to epic proportions. It has been gone for barely two months and I am already longing for it's return.

So as my family continues to raise money for our adoption and to bring our little girl Glory home from the DRC we have come up with a creative fundraiser that let's you decide the fate of my facial hair.

Beard for Glory:

Here's the deal folks - we're letting you in on a little marital wager. (Are we the only ones who do this when there is a disagreement? The wager part not the public on the blog marital disagreement part.)

$5 buys you one day - beard or no beard. On Valentine's Day, whoever has the most "days", or votes, wins. The beard grows or it goes. And ALL the money gets us closer to bringing our little girl Glory home from Africa.

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