"Survival of the Cleverest"

Monetization is the ubiquitous buzz word for online video content. The fellas bring this age old debate to the foreground while discussing what works for online advertising and the overall structure of very different business plans. Everyone agrees that current advertising agencies need to start taking full advantage of the online space whether that is through sponsorship or creating social environments.

“In order to survive when the TV giants decide to go “all out” online, you are going to have to have a set of partnerships, alliances and new content that constantly come into play,” says Mike Michuad.

There are sites available that split advertising sales and host videos for free for content developers. But these sites may not allow you to have control over what ads are involved with the site. The network models or the strategy of going directly to B2B companies both have their own advantages, but the fellas disagree on who is doing it right.

“Social networking and community building are the future of advertising for local business,” explains Steve Weiss. The fellas do seem to agree on at least this one instance.

Check out the recent webisode of FilmFellas and see who you side with.

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